Monday, January 26, 2009

Storyboard exercise 2: Bagdad market

Here's a sequence I came up with a couple of months ago. It's about a spy who resists arrest in a Bagdad market.

My aim in this sequence was to introduce the woman, find out that she's wanted by the police then show what she is capable of - all in thirty frames. If I were to expand it I would make the fight at the end more technical. Maybe she grabs his gun, turns, punches him in the wind pipe, elbows him then throws him in the chicken stall - like a SAS dude would, short and to the point.

A market is a very confined space, so to reflect this I wanted to keep the camera close to the action, occationally going out to show how big and easy to get lost it is. As the characters glance up and react we follow what they see. It's like a slightly delayed response. Battlestar Galactica uses this technique through out the series, especially the spaceship scenes.

Let me know what you think.

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